Our Team


Teryn Dalton, Principal

Email ~ teryn.dalton@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Brad Johnson, Assistant Principal

Brad Johnson, Assistant Principal

Email ~brad.johnson@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Dr. Singleton, Assistant Principal

Dr. Valisha Singleton, Assistant Principal

Email ~ valisha.singleton@lcsdmail.net


Photo of Sandi Carter

Sandi Carter, Instructional Support

Email ~ sandi.carter@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Jen Knabenshue

Jennifer Knabenshue, Receptionist

Email ~ jennifer.knabenshue@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Karen Thomas, Bookkeeper

Karen Thomas, Bookkeeper

Email: karen.thomas@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Dee Gerszewski-Admin Assistant

Dee Gerszewski, Admin Assistant


Photo of Stacy Stein, Registrar

Stacey Stein, Registrar



Photo of Nurse Ann

Ann Clingenpeel, Nurse

Website/Email ~ ann.clingenpeel@lcsdmail.net

Margaret Manders, TMD Nurse

Email ~ margaret.manders@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Lisa Bachini

Lisa Bachini, Instructional Technology/Math

Website/Email ~ lisa.bachini@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Rebecca Faile

Rebecca Faile, Resource

Email ~ rebecca.faile@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Frank Speziale

Frank Speziale, Resource ~ Website


Photo of Lauren Thomas, School Psychologist

Lauren Thomas, Psychologist

Website/Email ~ lauren.thomas@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. VanDaley, Guidance

Kelly Van Daley, School Counselor K, 2, 4

Website/Email ~ kelly.vandaley@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Loughry, Guidance

Laura Loughry, School Counselor 1, 3, 5


Photo of Kristina Marino, ESOL

Kristina Marino, ESOL

Website/Email ~ kristina.marino@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Price, Reading Coach

Brittany Price, Reading Coach

Email ~ brittany.price@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Dinkins, Speech Therapy

Brittany Dinkins, Speech Therapy

Email ~ brittany.dinkins@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Willis-STEAM Teacher

Alexis Willis, RTI Support/STEAM Coordinator

Website~Email: alexis.willis@lcsdmail.net

Picture of Billie Morrison-3rd Grade

Billie Morrison, EAGLES

Email: billie.morrision@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Niskala, ESOL

Danielle Niskala, ESOL



Email: @lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Mainous and Assistants

Krystal Mainous, Teacher, K-5 ~ Website Email:krystal.mainous@lcsdmail.net

Sonia Twitty Trapps, Assistant Email:sonia.twittytrapps@lcsdmail.net

Kaitlyn Tillman, Assistant Email:kaitlyn.tillman@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Ottinger and Ms. Ghent

Ms. Katy Ghent, Teacher, K-5 Email:katy.ghent@lcsdmail.net

Ms. Terri Ottinger Email:terri.ottinger@lcsdmail.net


Ruthanne Effren, Teacher ~Website Email:ruthanne.effren@lcsdmail.net

Michelle Reid, Assistant ~ Email: michelle.reid@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Harris and Ms. White-Kindergarten

Amy Harris, Teacher ~Website/Email: amy.harris@lcsdmail.net

Tanishia White, Assistant ~ Email: tanishia.white@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Mainones and Ms. Campbell-Kindergarten

Emily Mainones, Teacher ~Website Email:emily.mainones@lcsdmail.net

Jen Campbell, Assistant ~ Email: jennifer.campbell@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Jenkins and Ms. Pangle-Kindergarten

Hannah Jenkins, Teacher ~Website Email:hannah.jenkins@lcsdmail.net

Kasey Pangle, Assistant ~ Email: Kasey.pangle@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Mrs. Wilfong and Mrs. Turbeville-Kindergarten

Elaine Wilfong, Teacher ~ Website Email:jeri.wilfong@lcsdmail.net

Melonie Turbeville, Assistant ~ Email: melonie.turbeville@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Walton and Ms. Taylor-Kindergarten

Jessica Walton, Teacher ~Website Email:jessica.walton@lcsdmail.net

Tenisha Taylor, Assistant ~ Email: tenisha.taylor@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Robinette and Ms. Voltz-Kindergarten

Melissa Robinette, Teacher~ Website Email:melissa.robinette@lcsdmail.net

Jeannine Voltz, Assistant ~ Email: jeannine.voltz@lcsdmail.net


Photo of Alex D'Amico, 1st grade

Alex D'Amico, Teacher ~ Website Email:alex.damico@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Engel, 1st grade teacher

Brandy Engel, Teacher ~ Website Email:brandy.engel@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. D'Alessandro, 1st grade teacher

Lindsey D'Alessandro, Teacher ~ Website Email:lindsey.dalessandro@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Susan Loncar- 1st Grade Teacher

Susan Loncar, Teacher ~ Website


Photo of Ms. Powell, 1st grade

Kristen Powell, Teacher ~ Website Email:kristen.powell@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Threatt, 1st grade

Bailey Threatt, Teacher ~ Website Email:bailey.threatt@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Whitlock, 1st Grade

Beverly Whitlock, Teacher ~ Website Email:beverly.whitlock@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Williams, 1st grade

Letisha Williams, Teacher ~ Website Email:letisha.williams@lcsdmail.net


Photo of Ms. Brock, 2nd Grade

Erin Brock, Teacher ~Website Email:erin.brock@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Ackney, 2nd grade

Connor Ackney, Teacher~Website Email:connor.ackney@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Drinkwine, 2nd Grade

Erica Drinkwine, Teacher ~ Website Email:erica.drinkwine@lcsdmail.net

Justine Gamwell, Teacher ~ Website Email:justine.gamwell@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Garland, 2nd grade

Maria Garland, Teacher ~ Website Email:maria.garland@lcsdmail.net

Kolbie Hinson, Teacher ~ Website Email:kolbie.hinson@lcsdmail.net

Cady Hester, Teacher ~ Website Email: cady.hester@lcsdmail.net


Ashley Fulp, Teacher ~ Website Email: ashley.fulp@lcsdmail.net

Picture of Stephanie Clemons-3rd Grade

Stephanie Clemons, Teacher ~ Website Email:stephanie.clemons@lcsdmail.net

Picture of Erin Small-3rd Grade

Erin Small, Teacher ~ Website/Email: erin.small@lcsdmail.net

Picture of Melinda Alm-3rd Grade

Melinda Alm, Teacher~Website Email:melinda.alm@lcsdmail.net

Jacquelyn Phillips, Teacher~ Website Email: jacquelyn.phillips@lcsdmail.net

Picture of Brittany Rodriguez-3rd Grade

Brittany Rodriguez, Teacher ~ Website Email:brittany.rodriguez@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Nicoletti, 3rd Grade Teacher

Kelly Nicoletti, Teacher ~ Website Email:kelly.nicoletti@lcsdmail.net


Picture of Amy Cogan-4th Grade Teacher

Amy Cogan, Teacher ~ Website/Email: amy.cogan@lcsdmail.net

Picture of Kathryn Cranford-4th Grade

Kathryn Cranford, Teacher ~ Website Email:kathryn.cranford@lcsdmail.net

Picture of Kristina Dudla-4th Grade

Kristina Dudla, Teacher ~ Website Email:kristina.dudla@lcsdmail.net

Picture of Maudie Neal-4th Grade

Maudie Neal, Teacher ~ Website Email:maudie.neal@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Nobles, 4th grade teacher

Jade Nobles, Teacher ~ Website Email:beverly.nobles@lcsdmail.net

Kayla Malkowski, Teacher - Website Email: kayla,malkowski@lcsdmail.net


Leslie Purcaro, Teacher ~ Website Email:leslie.purcaro@lcsdmail.net

Nick Nostro, Teacher ~ Website Email:nicholas.nostro@lcsdmail.net

Angela Sims, Teacher ~ Website Email: angela.sims@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Veritzan, 5th grade teacher

Sharon Veritzan, Teacher ~ Website Email:sharon.veritzan@lcsdmail.net

Picture of Jill Buck-5th Grade Teacher

Jill Buck, Teacher Website ~ Email:jill.buck@lcsdmail.net


Picture of Will Adams-PE Teacher

Will Adams, PE Teacher ~ Website Email:will.adams@lcsdmail.net

Picture of Lauren Watts-PE Teacher

Lauren Watts, PE Teacher ~ Website Email:lauren.watts@lcsdmail.net

Picture of Herchek and Rosacco-Media Specialists

Meredith Herchek, Media Specialist ~ Website Email:meredith.herchek@lcsdmail.net

Lynn Rosacco, Assistant ~ Email: lynn.rosacco@lcsdmail.net

Picture of Melissa Hinson-Arts Teacher

Melissa Hinson, ART Teacher ~ Website Email:melissa.hinson@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Mrs. Anderson, Music Teacher

Sarah Anderson, Music Teacher ~ Website Email:sarah.anderson@lcsdmail.net

Photo of William Craig, Technology Teacher

William Craig, Technology Teacher Email:william.craig@lcsdmail.net

Photo of Ms. Massie, Leadership Teacher

Jessie Massie, Leadership Teacher ~ Website Email:jessie.massie@lcsdmail.net

29 Hour Assistants

Molly Rice, 29 Hour Assistant ~ Email: molly.rice@lcsdmail.net

Krista Lenard, 29 Hour Assistant Email:krista.lenard@lcsdmail.net

Picture of Kaitlyn Tillman-29 hour Assistant

Kaitlyn Tillman, 29 Hour Assistant Email:kaitlyn.tillman@lcsdmail.net