Room Parent Info

One fantastic way to get involved is to become a room parent for your teacher.  We are still so excited to invite you to join us in supporting our teachers in any way we can. 

The primary responsibility of the Room Parent is to facilitate communication with families about classroom, grade-level, and school-wide events. Communication via email has proven to be the most efficient and effective method. Direct contact and collaboration with the Room Parent Coordinator and PTO board will ensure an easy and rewarding experience!

Examples of Room Parent assistance may include, but are not limited to:

1. Emailing classroom parents information about PTO and classroom information.

2. Creating sign-ups to support classroom needs.

3. Organizing winter and end of the year gifts.

4. Helping with classroom projects/events and organizing volunteer help as needed. 

Time Commitment:

A Room Parent's commitment is for the ENTIRE school year. Total time commitment per week and can average about 1-2 hours/week.


1. Must be current parent of student in particular classroom.

2. Must have internet access

3. Must be an APPROVED volunteer or become approved (complete and pass background check)