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We have two spirit rocks

Harrisburg Elementary Spirit Rock Approval Request and Guidelines

1. Please look at the calendar below (easiest to click on Month view) and see if your desired date(s) are available (see Rocks Available for Painting below).

2. If they are, click on the link to the Google Form, fill out the required information and submit.

3. Once submitted, you will receive an approval email confirming that you are reserved for the date(s) and rock(s) requested.

4. Send payment ASAP with your student (see Payment Required and Deadline for Approval below).

5. Read the Other Rules and Guidelines below before painting the rock.

Rocks Available for Painting:

There are two rocks at HES, the Car Rider Rock located at car line and the Bus Rider Rock located near the teacher and bus parking lot. Please consider how your child arrives and leaves school so they can see the rock.

Payment Required:

$10 (checks payable to HES PTO) sent to school with your student. Please make sure the payment includes a note indicating your name, which rock you reserved and your reservation date. Failure to include this information will potentially cause your reservation to be removed from the calendar.

Dates do fill up quickly so be sure to request and pay ASAP.

Deadline for Approval:

You must submit your request for the spirit rock no later than 2 days prior to your reservation request. Your request is only a request and not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from the spirit rock coordinator.

Other Rules/Guidelines:

· Only one person per day may reserve one of the Spirit Rocks. Once reserved, you will have that rock for 24 hours beginning at 4:00pm the day before. (For example, if you reserve a rock for August 25th, your reservation will begin at 4:00 pm on August 24th and run through 4:00 pm on August 25th.)

· You bring your own paint, the school/PTO does not supply any painting materials. Plan to have 2-3 cans of each color you will be using especially if you are painting over a dark color, you may need more.

· All rules as outlined in the LCSD student rights, responsibilities, and character development handbook and Code of Student Conduct MUST be obeyed. No exceptions. (No bullying, no profanity, obscenity, or derogatory language.)